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Pirate Party InternationalWith sadness in our hearts, we need to announce that Wikileaks accounts were compromised by Russian citizens or pro-Russian oriented group, to quote our contact:

"We are unable to sign-in or recover into some of our public and private accounts. We did get some general email notifications that someone from Russia territory compromised some of our channels, but that's about it."

At that point we were unable to recover them, we can't even claim them back legally because there is no way to do that without compromising our personal security or security of our families or friends and we tried to have these accounts person-neutral. We usually passed these logins to these channels by private communications to only long-trustful contacts; the last contact lost his access for a while ago.

We knew that something like this could happen, but we couldn't create any safe-measurement to prevent this without open claim of ownership. We don't have a clear idea what to do next right now, and we are trying to reassess our options.

Over the years we formed a trademark of publishing data unavailable for public, by obtaining information from various high profile sources. We reported mostly about America but never to harm America but to inform the American public about things which they couldn't know in the usual way. Never to shape any political opinion itself.

You could notice that our release cycle of any material or message was rather slow to preserve consistency or validity of message itself. During the last US election some of our public accounts were going crazy and were updating status even in the sense of days to every hour with just one message direction, in general, one candidate is wrong and second one is not. We would never take a side directly. We were merely informing public about a thing that was about to happen or did happen.

We are still trying to get access back, but we think that this greatly harms trust in our platform, and there is now no way for know how to get that confidence back, even how to announce in a reliable way that we regained our accounts back. For now, we will try to relay to some other public - trusted networks in which we are in contact with to keep you posted. Please take any information from our usual accounts with "great pinch of salt" as we can't confirm possession of these accounts for now.

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